Aunalee and Sophia

Artist Biographies

 Aunalee Boyd-Good and Sophia Seward-Good have taken the teachings of being raised in an art studio, having run and worked in their parents gallery and wholesale business, and being active in events and fashion shows to launch their clothing line, Ay Lelum-the Good House of Design.

 Having worked in all aspects of a Family Design House and Art studio, they work together and have the support of their parents to revive a Coast Salish clothing line as their parents had, showcasing their Dad, William's designs under the garment design mentorship of their Mother, Sandra. They also work with their brother, Joel Good and involve the next generation to design, produce, and exhibit their garments. They are active in the community, always willing to promote Coast Salish culture through their own artistic canvas, Ay Lelum garments. They are passionate about documenting and passing on the traditions and art form taught by their Father, William Good, as well as using eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing locally whenever possible. You will often find the sisters set up at various shows or Pop-up-Shops that they announce on their Website and Facebook page, with a child or two "in training", as they had been.  

With their recent showcase in Vancouver Fashion Week 2018 Fall Winter, the sisters were dedicated to embracing and sharing traaditional art, culture, language and music. They have not only created a line of custom garments with the help of their mother, but also went into the recording studio! They recorded their own showcase music with brother Joel and baby Phil, drummed, rattled, shared language. They also had the sounds of their brother Joel carving incorporated into the music, and this was all re-mixed in Nanaimo by Rob the Viking.